industrial yarns

Yarns are expected to satisfy various needs and have become extremely versatile during recent years. We are suppliers of high tenacity polyester, polyamide, and polypropylene yarns which are innovative and form the basis of a multitude of technical applications.

PES yarn

linear density: 138-6660 dtex
breaking tenacity: 6,3-8,3 cN/dtex
Breaking force: 73,3-93,4 N
HAS: 2-11 %
Elongation at break: 11-23 %

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polyamide yarn

linear density: 232-2170 dtex
breaking tenacity: 7,51-8,23 cN/dtex
Breaking force: ≥117,2 N
HAS: 5,8-6,5 %
Elongation at break: 19-20,4 %

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polypropylene yarn

linear density: 165-4400 dtex
breaking tenacity: 5,5-6,3 cN/dtex
HAS: 1-10 %
Elongation at break: 22-26 %

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